Android Apps for High School Teachers

Learning is essential for everyone, both the young and old alike. There are different ways of administering knowledge to students and this puts teachers in a tough situation. They should be the ones to make sure that they their students learn in the most interesting and efficient way possible. Now that technology has proven limitless… Read More »

Microsoft Provides Free Office to Students

Way back in 2013, Microsoft already announced that they would offer Microsoft office 365 for free to students given that their schools set their licenses for their faculty and staff. Just last February of this year, good news came out that they are now rolling out the free service worldwide. Wherever Microsoft Office is available,… Read More »

The Best Universities in the US in 2014

As times are progressing, more and more people are beginning to understand the need of a good college education, which means that competition to secure a place at a top-ranking institution is at record-high levels. Not to worry though, as there are dozens of institutions that are great for a college education, and you would… Read More »

Common Core State Standards Initiative

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an education program enacted in the United States that details what each student should know in mathematics and English language arts at the end of each grade. It has been enacted for grades K-12. It was developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers the National Governors… Read More »

Taking College Courses Online

Taking online courses for college credits is becoming a popular and easy way for many adults to continue their education. Most universities and colleges offer online courses for enrolled students now, and this makes it much easier for students who don’t live close to the university or students who work inconvenient hours to take classes.… Read More »

Adult and Vocational Education

The cost of college tuition has been skyrocketing in the last few years. With most young adults attending college still opting for a traditional university experience studying the liberal arts and earning degrees in areas such as English, Philosophy, History and Music; they are graduating burdened with debt and a lack of available jobs offering… Read More »